EBC Bike Brakes Kawasaki Style Shoe (K706)

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EBC Brake Shoes

EBC brake shoes are made using either high pressure Die cast aluminium platforms or steel platforms common on modern ATV drum brakes with bonded brake linings.
All shoes are radius ground and edge trimmed and also feature lead in and lead out chamfers at lining ends and original equipment style brake shoe springs.
EBC produced two ranges of brake shoes, both of which have always featured non asbestos linings for health safety and environmental reasons.
Standard linings are a direct OEM replacement.


Installing brake shoes should be done by a professional mechanic using vehicle manufacturers guidelines and keeping liners free of contact with all greases, oils and brake fluids at all times.

EBC Bike Brakes - What’s Stopping You?

EBC Brakes offer a complete range of Organic and Sintered brake pads including the world renowned Double-H sintered pad, also available are brake pads for Moto X and ATV’s.
The discs are just as impressive with the patented SD system on the Pro-lite X and the Pro-lite XC series.
EBC have been at the forefront of Motorcycle brake technology for many years and are still finding ways to improve on the current award winning brake components.
The EBC motorcycle range have been a success both on the street as well as the track and can boast being Run in some of the Top motorbike championships including both Superbikes and Moto X.
Heard of Travis Pastrana? He is another champion that uses EBC whilst competing in X-Games.
The EBC Sintered pads are made in the state of the art facilities in Cleveland, Ohio in the USA, and the Organic pads and the complete Motorcycle brake disc range are manufactured in Bristol and Northampton Respectively.

Want the Best Set-up on your Superbike for the Road?
Try the Double-H sintered pad with either the Pro-lite X series Discs or the Pro-lite XC series Discs.
If you want the best setup for the occasional track day then use the EPFA sintered Pads with either the Pro-lite X series or the Pro-lite XC series.

Fitting List.
KLF 185 A1 (1987) REAR
KLF 220 A1-A15 (1988>2002) REAR
ER 250 B1/B2/B3 (Z 250 T Scorpion) (1983>1988) REAR
EL 250 D1-D5 (1990>1994) REAR
EL 252 (EX 250 F2/F5) (1997>2003) REAR
EL 250 Eliminator (1987>1989) REAR
BJ 250 D1-D7 Estrella Custom (1996>2002) REAR
BJ 250 E1-E4A Estrella RS Custom (1996>1999) REAR
BJ 250 F1/F2 (250 TR) (2002>2003) REAR
KLF 250 A1/A2/A3/A6F-A9F (Bayou 250) (2003>2009) REAR
Z 250 B1/B2 (1980>1983) REAR
KLF 300 A1/A2 Bayou (1986>1987) REAR
KLF 300 B1-B17 Bayou (1988>2004) REAR
GPZ 305 A1/B1-B10 (1983>1996) REAR
Z 400 B1/B2 (1978>1980) REAR
Z 400 G1 (1979) REAR
ZR 400 A1/B1 (Z 400 F) (1983>1984) REAR
Z 440 A2 LTD (1979) REAR
Z 440 C1 (1980) REAR
Z 440 C2 (1981) REAR
Z 440 D4 LTD (1982) REAR
Z 440 D5/D6 LTD (1983>1984) REAR
Z 440 H1/H2 (1982>1983) REAR
ER-5 (ER 500 A1/A2/A3/A4) (1997>2000) REAR
ER-5 (ER 500 C1/C3/C4/C5P) (2001>2007) REAR
GPZ 500 S (EX 500 A1-A6) (1987>1993) REAR
GPZ 500 S (EX 500 B1-B5) (1988>1993) REAR
ZR 550 A1/A2 (Z 550 F) (1983>1984) REAR
W 650 (EJ 650-A1/C3/C4/C5/C6/C7) (1999>2005) REAR