EBC Bike Brakes Kevlar Organic Pad (FA196)

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EBC Direct Replacement OE Pads

The EBC organic pad is a direct replacement for OE brake pads.
The main difference is that the Organic compound is kinder to the Brake Rotors whilst having a brake feel that is prefered by many a motorcyclist around the world.
The Organic brake pad is manufactured to have expansion grooves which reduce noise pollution and prevents cracking.
The EBC organic brake pad is ECE R90 approved which means that its tried and tested to offer safer braking than other brake pads compounds.

EBC Bike Brakes - What’s Stopping You?

EBC Brakes offer a complete range of Organic and Sintered brake pads including the world renowned Double-H sintered pad, also available are brake pads for Moto X and ATV’s.
The discs are just as impressive with the patented SD system on the Pro-lite X and the Pro-lite XC series.
EBC have been at the forefront of Motorcycle brake technology for many years and are still finding ways to improve on the current award winning brake components.
The EBC motorcycle range have been a success both on the street as well as the track and can boast being Run in some of the Top motorbike championships including both Superbikes and Moto X.
Heard of Travis Pastrana? He is another champion that uses EBC whilst competing in X-Games.
The EBC Sintered pads are made in the state of the art facilities in Cleveland, Ohio in the USA, and the Organic pads and the complete Motorcycle brake disc range are manufactured in Bristol and Northampton Respectively.

Want the Best Set-up on your Superbike for the Road?
Try the Double-H sintered pad with either the Pro-lite X series Discs or the Pro-lite XC series Discs.
If you want the best setup for the occasional track day then use the EPFA sintered Pads with either the Pro-lite X series or the Pro-lite XC series.

Fitting List.
Roadwin(VJ125)  (2004>2011) FRONT
Roadwin R 125 Fi (VJF 125) (2008>2009) FRONT
VL 125 Daystar/L (2003>2011) FRONT
VS 125 Evolution (2001>2004) FRONT
VT 125 Evolution (2003) FRONT

Venox 250 (R20010/RA50AA/Carb Model) (2000>2003) FRONT
Venox 250 (RFBR20011/RA500AD/Carb Model) (2004>2006) FRONT
Venox 250 (R20012/EFI Model) (2000>2011) FRONT

Cevalo B9A (125cc -4T) (2010) FRONT

Adventurer 1996>2001 (1996>2001) REAR
America (6 Spoke Cast wheel) (2007>2009) FRONT
America (12 Spoke Cast wheel-865cc) (2010>2011) FRONT
Bonneville America (Spoke wheel) (2002>2006) FRONT
Bonneville 800 (790cc) (2001>2006) FRONT
Bonneville T100 (790cc) (2002>2004) FRONT
Bonneville T100 (865cc) (2006>2009) FRONT
Bonneville T100 (865cc/Spoke Wheel) (2010>2011) FRONT
Bonneville/Bonneville Black (865cc) (2007>2008) FRONT
Bonneville (865cc/Cast Wheels) (2009>2011) FRONT
Bonneville SE (865cc/Cast Wheels) (2009>2011) FRONT
Legend TT  (1998>2001) REAR
Scrambler (865cc)  (2006>2009) FRONT
Scrambler (865cc)  (2010>2011) FRONT
Speedmaster 800 (790cc) 2003>2004 (2003>2004) FRONT
Thunderbird  (1995>2003) REAR
Thunderbird Sport (1998>2004) REAR
Tiger 855i (From VIN 71699) (1998>1999) REAR
Tiger 955cc (Spoke wheel) up to VIN 198874 (2000>2004) REAR
Tiger 955 (Cast wheel) from VIN 198875 (2004>2006) FRONT

CB 250 N/T/W/X/Y/1/4 Two Fifty (1992>2005) FRONT
VT 250 CR/CT/CV Magna (1995>1997) FRONT
VTR 250 W/Y/1-7 (MC33) (1998>2007) FRONT
VTR 250 9 (2009>2010) FRONT
CB 400 SS (SS2-NC41) (2002) FRONT
NV 400 DCY/DC1/DC2 (NC40) Shadow Slasher (2000>2002) FRONT
VRX 400 T (NC33) (1996) FRONT
CB 500 R/T (1994>1996) FRONT
CBF 500 4 (Non ABS Model) (2004) FRONT
XL 600 VR/VT Transalp (1994>1996) FRONT
FMX 650 5/6 (2005>2008) FRONT
DN-01 (680cc) (NSA 700 A8/A9) (2008>2011) REAR
CBR 750 FJ Superaero (RC27) (1988) REAR
VF 750 CP/CR/CS/CT/CV/CW/CX (1993>1999) FRONT
VFR 750 FJ/FK (1988>1989) REAR
VFR 750 FL/FM/FN/FP (1990>1993) REAR
VFR 750 FR/FS/FT/FV (1994>1997) REAR
VT 750 CV/C2V/CW/C2W/CX/C2X/CY/C2Y/C21/C1/C31/C4/C5/ (1997>2009) FRONT
VT 750 C2BA Shadow (17" Front Wheel/Rear Drum Model) (2010>2011) FRONT
VT 750 DC1/DC2 Black Widow (2001>2004) FRONT
VT 750 DC7/DC8 Shadow Spirit (2007>2009) FRONT
VT 750 S (VT750SA) (2010>2011) FRONT
CBR 1000 FK/FL/FM/FN (1989>1992) REAR
ST 1100 L/M/N/P/R/S/T/V/W/X/Y/1/2 Pan European - Non  (1990>2002) REAR
ST 1100 AN/AP/AR/AS (Pan European - ABS Model) (1992>1995) REAR
VT 1100 CR/CS/CT/CV/CW Shadow (1994>1998) FRONT
VT 1100 C2 (S/T/V) (1995>1997) FRONT
VT 1100 C2 (W/X/Y/1/2/3/4/5) (1998>2005) FRONT
VT 1100 C3 (W/X/Y) (1998>2000) FRONT
VT 1300 CX10 (Fury/Chopper/Non ABS/9 Spoke Cast Wheel (2010>2011) FRONT
VTX 1300 S3/S4/S5/S6/S7/S8 (2003>2008) FRONT
GL 1500 CV/CW/CX (F6C) (1997>1999) REAR
GL 1500 CY/C1/C2 (F6C) (2000>2003) REAR

MT-01 (1670cc) (4 piston caliper) (2005>2006) REAR
MT-01 (6 piston radial caliper) (2007>2009) REAR
MT-01 S (6 piston radial caliper/5YUR) (2009) REAR

WK 125 R (4T) (2010>2011) FRONT

Blast  (2000>2007) FRONT
Cross Country  (2010>2011) REAR
Cory Ness Cross Country (2011) REAR
Cross Roads  (2010>2011) REAR
Arlen Ness Victory Vision (2010) REAR
Cory Ness Jackpot (2008>2010) REAR
Hammer  (2008>2011) REAR
Hammer 8 Ball (2010>2011) REAR
Hammer S (2008>2011) REAR
Jackpot  (2010>2011) REAR
KingPin  (2008>2011) REAR
KingpinTour  (2008>2009) REAR
Kingpin 8-Ball  (2008>2011) REAR
Kingpin-Low  (2009) REAR
Vegas 8 Ball (2008>2011) REAR
Vegas  (2008>2011) REAR
Zach Ness Vegas  (2008>2011) REAR
Vegas Low (2008>2009) REAR
Vegas Jackpot (2008>2009) REAR
Vision 8 Ball (2010) REAR
Vision Street (2008>2009) REAR
Vision Tour (All models) (2008>2011) REAR