EBC Bike Brakes Pro-lite Left Steel Disc (MD3014LS)

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EBC Bike Brakes - What’s Stopping You?

EBC Brakes offer a complete range of Organic and Sintered brake pads including the world renowned Double-H sintered pad, also available are brake pads for Moto X and ATV’s.
The discs are just as impressive with the patented SD system on the Pro-lite X and the Pro-lite XC series.
EBC have been at the forefront of Motorcycle brake technology for many years and are still finding ways to improve on the current award winning brake components.
The EBC motorcycle range have been a success both on the street as well as the track and can boast being Run in some of the Top motorbike championships including both Superbikes and Moto X.
Heard of Travis Pastrana? He is another champion that uses EBC whilst competing in X-Games.
The EBC Sintered pads are made in the state of the art facilities in Cleveland, Ohio in the USA, and the Organic pads and the complete Motorcycle brake disc range are manufactured in Bristol and Northampton Respectively.

Want the Best Set-up on your Superbike for the Road?
Try the Double-H sintered pad with either the Pro-lite X series Discs or the Pro-lite XC series Discs.
If you want the best setup for the occasional track day then use the EPFA sintered Pads with either the Pro-lite X series or the Pro-lite XC series.

Fitting List.
GN 250 F/J/M/R/T (NJ41A) (1985>1997) FRONT
GS 250 TT/TX (1980>1981) FRONT
GSX 250 ET/EX/EZ (1980>1982) FRONT
RG 250 WD Gamma (1983) FRONT
RG 250 WE (1984) FRONT
GN 400 TT (1980) FRONT
GS 400 B/C (1977>1978) FRONT
GS 400 LX (1981) FRONT
GS 400 TX (1981) FRONT
GSX 400 ET/EX/EZ (1981>1983) FRONT
GS 450 ET/EG/EJ (1980>1988) FRONT
GS 550 DB/DC (1977>1978) FRONT
GS 550 EC/EN (1978>1979) FRONT
GS 550 ET/EX/EZ/LT/LX/MX/MZ (1980>1984) FRONT
GR 650 D/XD Tempter (1983) FRONT
GS 650 GTX/GTZ/GTD/GX/GZ (1981>1983) FRONT
GS 750 DB/DC/EC/EN (1977>1980) FRONT
GSX 750 ET/EX (1980>1981) FRONT
GSX 750 SE Katana (GR72A) (1985) FRONT
GS 850 GN/GT/GX (1979>1981) FRONT
GS 850 GZ/GE/GG (1982>1985) FRONT
GS 1000 HC/EC/EN/SN (1978>1980) FRONT
GS 1000 ET (1981) FRONT
GS 1000 GT/GX (1981>1982) FRONT
GSX 1000 SZ Katana (1982) FRONT
GSX 1100 ET/EX/EZ (1980>1982) FRONT
GSX 1100 ESD (1983) FRONT
GSX 1100 SZ/SD Katana (1982>1983) FRONT
GS 1100 GZ (1982) FRONT