EBC Bike Brakes Sintered Pad (FA104HH)

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EBC Double-H Superbike Pads

Designed to offer the optimum braking performance for road use for your superbike.
The Double-H Superbike pad are a high friction compound to offer you the best stopping power, even with the higher friction compound EBC have made sure that the pads do not eat away at the discs which enhances the life of your Rotors.
The Double-H sintered pads are fitted with stainless steel radiator plates to reduce heat transfer to the brake system.

EBC Bike Brakes - What’s Stopping You?

EBC Brakes offer a complete range of Organic and Sintered brake pads including the world renowned Double-H sintered pad, also available are brake pads for Moto X and ATV’s.
The discs are just as impressive with the patented SD system on the Pro-lite X and the Pro-lite XC series.
EBC have been at the forefront of Motorcycle brake technology for many years and are still finding ways to improve on the current award winning brake components.
The EBC motorcycle range have been a success both on the street as well as the track and can boast being Run in some of the Top motorbike championships including both Superbikes and Moto X.
Heard of Travis Pastrana? He is another champion that uses EBC whilst competing in X-Games.
The EBC Sintered pads are made in the state of the art facilities in Cleveland, Ohio in the USA, and the Organic pads and the complete Motorcycle brake disc range are manufactured in Bristol and Northampton Respectively.

Want the Best Set-up on your Superbike for the Road?
Try the Double-H sintered pad with either the Pro-lite X series Discs or the Pro-lite XC series Discs.
If you want the best setup for the occasional track day then use the EPFA sintered Pads with either the Pro-lite X series or the Pro-lite XC series.

Fitting List.
RD 125 LC (MK2/3) (1985>1987) FRONT
RZ 125 (1GV 030101-) (1985) FRONT
TZR 125 (2RK/ 3PC1) (1987>1989) FRONT
TZR 125 (3PC2/ 3PC3) (1990>1992) REAR
TZR 125 (3JB/ 4JB/ 4HW/ 4HX) (1993>1995) REAR
TZR 150 R (4AP2) (2000) REAR
SDR 200 (2TV) (1987>1989) REAR
FZR 250 1987 (1987) REAR
FZX 250 (3YX1/2/4) Zeal (1991>1992) REAR
RZ 250 R (1AR/1XG)  REAR
RZ 250 RR (5IL)  REAR
SRX 250 (51Y/52E/1JA)  FRONT
TDR 250 (3CK1/3CK2 Europe - Eng/Frame 3CK -) (1988>1992) REAR
TZR 250 (1KT/2AW Japan - Eng/Frame # 1KT) (1987) REAR
TZR 250 (2MA/2XW1/2XW2 Europe - Eng/Frame # 2MA -) (1987>1992) REAR
TZR 250 (3MA1 Reverse Cylinder - Eng/Frame # 3MA-) (1989) REAR
TZR 250 (3MA3/3MA5 Reverse Cylinder - Eng/Frame # 3MA (1990) REAR
TZR 250 SP (3MA4 - Eng/Frame # 3MA 055) (1990) REAR
TZR 250 R (3XV1/3XV4/3XV6 V-Twin - Eng/Frame # 3XV 00 (1991>1993) REAR
TZR 250 RS (3XV8/3XV93XVA - V-Twin - Eng/Frame # 3XV  (1992>1994) REAR
TZR 250 SPR (3XVC V-Twin 3XV 107101-) (1995) REAR
RD 350 F/F2 (1985>1992) REAR
RD 350 N (1985) REAR
RD 350 R (1992>1995) REAR
FZ 400 N (IKF/46K/33M) (1985) REAR
FZ 400 (4YR1) (1996) REAR
FZR 400 Genesis (1WG) F/No 1WG 000101-0305100 (1986) REAR
FZR 400 RSP (2TK-EXUP) F/No 1WG 0305101-043100 (1987) REAR
FZR 400 (3EN1) F/No 1WG 043101-080100 (1988) REAR
FZR 400 R (3EN2) F/No 1WG 080101- (1989) REAR
FZR 400 RR (3TJ1)  REAR
FZR 400 RRSP (3TJ2/6/7) (ITJ)  REAR
FZR 400 RR (4DX) (1992) REAR
SRX 400 (1JL) (1985) REAR
SRX 400 (3VN1/3VN2/3VN5) (1990>1996) REAR
XJR 400 (4HM1/4HM2/4HM4/4HM7) (1993>1996) REAR
XJR 400 (4HM3/4HM5/4HM6/4HM9/4HMA/4HMB) Brembo calipe (1995>1999) REAR
RD 500 LC (1984>1986) REAR
RVZ 500R (51X) (1985) REAR
FZ 600 (1987>1988) REAR
FZS 600 Fazer (1998>2003) REAR
SRX 600 (1JK) (1985) REAR
SRX 600 (3SX) (1990) REAR
SRX 600 (1986>1987) REAR
XJ 600 S Diversion (1992>1997) REAR
XJ 600 S Diversion (1998>2003) REAR
XJ 600 N (1995>1997) REAR
XJ 600 N (1998>2003) REAR