EBC Bike Brakes TT Series Moto-X Sport And Enduro Pad (FA054TT)

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EBC TT Series Moto-X Sport and Enduro Pads

The TT-Series pads have a carbon graphite formula, the main advantage of this compound is the lack of heat generated or conduction under braking.
This means it keeps both the brake rotor and caliper cool allowing better braking performance for longer.
The TT-Series works best in fast and dry riding conditions.
The material is also very useable for standard sport ATV useage.
Also TUV tested and KBA approved for street use on enduro bikes.

The TT series or X pads do not last as long as a sintered pad but are a strong favourite amongst Enduro riders due to their low heat transfer.

EBC Bike Brakes - What’s Stopping You?

EBC Brakes offer a complete range of Organic and Sintered brake pads including the world renowned Double-H sintered pad, also available are brake pads for Moto X and ATV’s.
The discs are just as impressive with the patented SD system on the Pro-lite X and the Pro-lite XC series.
EBC have been at the forefront of Motorcycle brake technology for many years and are still finding ways to improve on the current award winning brake components.
The EBC motorcycle range have been a success both on the street as well as the track and can boast being Run in some of the Top motorbike championships including both Superbikes and Moto X.
Heard of Travis Pastrana? He is another champion that uses EBC whilst competing in X-Games.
The EBC Sintered pads are made in the state of the art facilities in Cleveland, Ohio in the USA, and the Organic pads and the complete Motorcycle brake disc range are manufactured in Bristol and Northampton Respectively.

Want the Best Set-up on your Superbike for the Road?
Try the Double-H sintered pad with either the Pro-lite X series Discs or the Pro-lite XC series Discs.
If you want the best setup for the occasional track day then use the EPFA sintered Pads with either the Pro-lite X series or the Pro-lite XC series.

Fitting List.
Trail Boss 4 x 4 (1987) FRONT

C-XR 125 M (2007>2009) REAR
C-XR 125 E (2008>2009) REAR
C-XR 125 S (2008>2009) REAR
C-XR 230 E (2007>2009) REAR
C-XR 230 S (2007>2009) REAR
C-XR 230 M (2007>2009) REAR
LX 350-4A Quad (2008>2009) FRONT
LX 700-4A Quad (2008>2009) FRONT

TE 450 Quad Rapier (2006>2009) REAR

JH 125 B Roadstar (1998) FRONT

Dragon 250 Quad (2007>2009) REAR

Bugrider 50 (Buggie) (2006) REAR
Bugrider150   REAR
Bugxter BR150 A (2005>2007) REAR
Bugrider 250 SS (Single seat)  REAR
Bugrider 250   REAR

RV 125 Midi RV Bug  REAR
BR 150 E Bugrider (2004>2006) REAR
RV 150 Midi RV Buggie  REAR
BR200  (2007>2008) REAR
BR250   REAR
XL300   REAR

X Road 125 (2007) REAR
X-Road125  (2008) REAR
XTC125  (2008) REAR

RMR125  (2007>2009) REAR

Quadraider600  (2006>2007) FRONT

TAISHAN (Project Quads)
XT50  (2003>2004) FRONT
Panther 50 Quad (2003>2004) FRONT
XT 125 Sport (2004>2005) FRONT

MRX50  (1988>) FRONT
CG 150 ESD Titan (2004>2005) FRONT
CG 150 KS/ES Titan (2004>2005) FRONT
ATC 250 RB (1981) FRONT

KX 65 A1/A2/A3/A4/A5/A6/A6F-A9F/AAF/ABF (2000>2011) REAR
BN 125 A1/A2 Eliminator (1998>1999) FRONT
KH 125 K1 (1983) FRONT
KLX 125 CAFCBF (2010>2011) REAR
KLX 125 DAF/DBF (D-Tracker) (2010>2011) REAR
KVF 300 A1/A2/A3/A4 (Prairie 4 x 4) (1999>2002) 
KVF 300 B1/B2/B3/B4 (Prairie 2 x 4) (1999>2002) 
KVF 360 A1-A3/A6F/A7F/A8F/A9F/AAF/ABF (2003>2011) 
KVF 360 B1-B3/B6F/B7F/B8F/B9F (2003>2009) 
KVF 360 C1-C3/C6F/C7F/C8F Prairie All models (2003>2008) 
KVF 400 A1/A2/B1 Prairie (1997>1998) 
KVF 400 C1/C2/C3/C4 (Praiire 4 x 4) (1999>2002) 
KVF 400 D1/D2/D3 (Prairie 2 x 4) (1999>2001) 

RM 65 K3/K4/K5 (2003>2005) REAR
DF 125   FRONT
DR 125 SF/SH/SJ (1985>1994) FRONT
DR 125 SEX/SEY (1999>2001) FRONT
TS 125 XUF/XUG/XUH/XUJ (1986>1990) FRONT
DF 200 EV/EW/EY (SH42A) (1998>2000) FRONT
DR 200 G/H/J (1986>1989) FRONT
DR 200 SEK1-SEK8 (2001>2008) FRONT
DR 200 SE Trojan  FRONT
SX 200 R/R-2/RJ/RM (SH41A) (1990>1991) FRONT
LT-F 250 K2/K3/K4/K5/K6/K7/K8/K9 Ozark (2002>2010) 
TS 250 XE/XG/XH/XJ/XK (1985>1989) FRONT
LT-A 400 FK2-FK7 Eiger 4WD (2002>2007) 
LT-A 400 K2/K3/K4 Eiger (2002>2004) 
LT-F 400 FK2/FK3/FK4/FK5/FK6/FK7 (Eiger 4WD) (2002>2007) 
LT-F 400 K2-K7 Eiger (2002>2007) 
LT-A 500 FK3/FK4/FK5/FK6/FK7 Vinson 4WD Auto (2003>2007) 
LT-F 500 FK3-FK7 Vinson Quadrunner (2003>2007) 

YFS 200 R/S/T/V Blaster (2003>2006) FRONT
YFM 250 XN/XP/XR/XS Bear Tracker (2001>2004) FRONT
YFM 250 BT/BV Bruin (2005>2006) FRONT
YFM 250 BW/BX/BY Big Bear (2007>2010) FRONT
YFM 350 XD/XE/XF/XG/XH/XJ/XK/XL/XM/XN/XP/XR/XS (Warri (1992>2004) FRONT
YFM 350 L Big Bear (1999) FRONT
YFM 350 FAS/FAT/FAV Bruin 4x4 (2004>2006) FRONT
YFM 350 ANS/ANT/ANV Bruin 2x4 (2004>2006) FRONT
YFM 350 XV/XW/XX/XY 2WD - Wolverine (2006>2009) FRONT
YFM 350 GW/GX/GY/GZ Grizzly -2WD (2008>2010) FRONT
YFM 350 FGW/FGX/FGY/FGZ Grizzly 4WD (2007>2010) FRONT
YFM 350 FGIW/FGIX/FGIY/FGIZ Grizzly 4WD IRS (2007>2010) FRONT
YFZ 350 A/B/D/E/F/G/H/J/K/L/M/N/P/R/S/T Banshee (1990>2009) FRONT
YFM 400 FAM/FAN (2000>2001) FRONT
YFM 400 FPR/FPS Big Bear (2003>2004) FRONT
YFM 400 FAR/FAS Kodiak Auto (2003>2004) FRONT
YFM 400 AR Kodiak (5VH3/4) (2003) FRONT
YFM 400 FAT/FAV (Big Bear) (2005>2006) FRONT
YFM 400 FGW/FGX Grizzly (2007>2008) FRONT
YFM 450 FAR/FAS Kodiak (5ND3/4) (2003>2004) FRONT
YFM 450 FAT/FAHT/FAV (Kodiak) (2005>2006) FRONT
YFM 450 FXV/FXW/FXX/FXY/FXZ Wolverine (2006>2010) FRONT
YFM 450 FGIZ Grizzly IRS (2010) FRONT
YFM 450 FGW/FGX/FGY Grizzly (2007>2009) FRONT